Mini Excavators

Huski M-28U Zero Tailswing Mini Excavator


  • 2.8 tonne zero tailswing mini excavator
  • High breakout force
  • Good machine working stabillity
  • Concrete, Bitumen, Loose Gravel, Compacted gravel, Unsealed (dirt & grass)

Huski M-28U Zero Tailswing Mini Excavator

  • Toyota Material Handling’s range of Huski mini excavators represent excellent reliability and are stacked with operator features.
  • The Huski range consists of seven models including one 1.3-tonne short-radius machine and six zero tail swing models ranging from 1.6-tonne through to 6-tonne.


Fundamental to the Huski mini excavators’ robust construction and functional design is excellent quality-of-materials, high technological content of components and the strict inspection of production and assembly processes.

The Huski mini excavators come generously equipped as standard with many options also available. Additionally, the zero tail-swing functionality means units can swing 360 degrees within the total width of its chassis and the machine tail doesn’t protrude past the width of the machine’s undercarriage.

  • Innovative design with the tail always remaining within the width of the tracks (Zero TailSwing)
  • Fully servo-controlled machine: the boom swing and the P.T.O. are controlled by rollers on the joy-stick (no pedals in the cab)
  • Straight travel contemporary with all arms/bucket manoeuvring
  • Rollers and idler wheels with rolling bushing for a remarkable increasing in the traction and life time performances
  • Gear motors shift automatically from the second to the first speed (AUTO TWO SPEED)

The Huski range of mini excavators utilise both the conventional and variable angle booms.

Read more about Huski mini excavator boom designs here.





  • Manufacturing / Construction / Maintenance
  • Forestry Products / Timber / Mining
  • Landscaping / Nursery

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