About Huski Construction Equipment

Huski Construction Equipment is a division of Australia's leading capital equipment supplier Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA). Strength, high performance and reliability have become synonymous with the Huski range of quality products.   

About Toyota Material Handling Australia

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has been at the forefront of the Australian materials handling market for over 50 years. Our national 100% owned network of Toyota Material Handling branches means that when you partner with us, you are dealing directly with the factory. We have over 800 staff, with over 450 of those involved in service and parts support to maximise uptime of your equipment. Coupled with our 300+ mobile service vans, we are dedicated to delivering you the highest levels of customer service possible.

Our service commitment is driven by our dedication to continuous improvement or ‘Kaizen’ – one of the core pillars of the Toyota way of doing business. That’s why we work every day to deliver practical services and innovative solutions that produce real, bottomline benefits for Australian businesses. Whether we are supplying a single spare part or helping to manage your entire fleet, our objective and commitment remains the same – adding value to your operation.

That’s the Toyota Advantage.


Toyota Material Handling has the widest range of forklifts and battery-electric warehouse products available in Australia, ensuring that whatever your requirements we have a suitable material handling solution. If you are after a new Toyota forklift purchase, forklift rental, or a used forklift, we can assist with your requirements. Within Australia, over 50,000 Toyota forklifts have been sold, and the brand has been the Australian counter-balance forklift market leader since 1987. Toyota's selection of internal combustion and battery-electric counterbalance forklifts range from 0.9 tonnes right up to a massive 24.0 tonnes.

In addition to our range of forklifts and warehouse equipment, Toyota Material Handling Australia also distributes the Toyota range of Huski skid steer loaders, Huski scissor lifts and Huski mini-excavators, along with tow tractors, lift platforms, sweepers and scrubbers, and Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles.

About the Huski Construction Equipment range

Huski Skid Steer Loaders

Toyota Huski skid steer loaders are available in operating loads from 320kg - 900kg and have long been renowned as the finest available. Developed and tested in Australia, the Huski 5SDK skid steer loader range features exceptional stability, driver comfort and safety. The soft touch control ensures smooth transition of the lever, allowing for precise manoeuvrability.

The 5SDK skid steer loader range also provides owners with a product offering heavy-duty construction, low running costs and a longer machine life, adding true value to your business. Operating control options include:

    • ISO pilot controls with proportional auxiliary switch on hand control
    • Hand and foot controls
    • Pilot operated H pattern with proportional auxiliary switch on hand grip


Huski Scissor Lifts

The Huski E-Series Scissor Lift is one of the most versatile tools on the market. Designed for facilities maintenance, installation, construction, and more, it has working heights of up to 9.78m and the capability to fit through a doorway, the manoeuvrable and agile E-Series Scissor Lift is a dependable tool for many tasks.

With steel-constructed panels and powder-coated paint, the E-Series Scissor Lifts are built to last. The extendable platform allows operators to safely reach across fixed objects while the tilt alarm alerts operators to unsafe working conditions and limits platform movement until safe operation is restored. The folding guardrails allow for larger models to pass through doorways and under other low obstacles while the operator is off the scissor lift.

The dual operational mode provides increased platform capacity at lower heights for flexible use, while the upper control box offers two mounting positions or remote use while off the scissor lift.


Huski Mini-Excavators

Toyota Material Handling’s range of Huski mini excavators represent excellent reliability and are stacked with operator features. The range consists of seven models including one 1.3-tonne short-radius machine and six zero tail swing models ranging from 1.6-tonne through to 6-tonne. Fundamental to the Huski mini excavator's robust construction and functional design is excellent quality-of-materials, high technological content of components, and the strict inspection of production and assembly processes.

The Huski mini excavators come generously equipped as standard with many options also available. Additionally, the zero tail-swing functionality means the unit can swing 360 degrees within the total width of its chassis and the machine tail doesn’t protrude past the width of the machine’s undercarriage.

The Huski range of mini excavators utilise both the conventional and variable angle booms. The M60U model is fitted with a variable angle boom which is particularly useful in tight or low access applications.

Read more about Huski mini excavator boom designs here.



Huski Australian Distributor Locations

Toyota Material Handling's commitment to customer satisfaction extends nationwide, thanks to one of the finest branch networks in Australia. There are major Toyota Material Handling (TMH) outlets for Huski Construction Equipment sales and service located throughout every state of Australia.

Our main Toyota Material Handling branches are located in the below areas -

For a complete list of Toyota Material Handling branches for Huski Construction Equipment sales, service, hire, rental and parts please click here.

Huski Finance Available

Looking for finance for your Huski Construction Equipment?

Toyota Material Handling has a range of flexible finance options to make your Huski Construction Equipment purchase as easy as possible.

Please contact us to discuss the various finance options available for your Huski Construction Equipment.

Huski Skid Steer Loader Technology

At Toyota Material Handling, we know how important it is to keep your Huski skid steer loader on site working for you.
That's why after evaluating available technology alternatives, we purposefully decided to retain the reliability of solid-state electronics on the Toyota Huski 5SDK skid steer loader range in order to minimise maintenance requirements and reduce possible machine downtime.

Some other features on our Huski 5SDK skid steer loader range include:

  • All models use large-capacity and high pressure resistant HST motors
  • The hydraulic fluid capacity has increased to maintain fluid temperature at optimum levels
  • Re-positioning of the oil cooler improves cooling performance
  • Pressure reduction rings for each of the lift and dump cylinders absorb impact when digging. This protects the gasket seal and improves reliability with respect to oil leaks.
  • Wedge-shaped pins that move vertically instead of horizontally secure the bucket in place and reduce noise during bucket operation
    (ISO hitch only)
  • Multiple safety interlock systems

Skid Steers Loaders for Australian Conditions -

Australia has some of the most rugged working conditions in the world, which is why Toyota Material Handling chose to develop and test the Huski 5SDK skid steer loader range here. This truly means the Huski 5SDK is engineered to handle Australian conditions.

  • Tested in varying conditions, from sub zero to high ambient temperatures
  • Air conditioning  and heating are available options able to keep an enclosed cabin at a constant and comfortable temperature. An external air-intake port and air filter prevent dust from entering the cabin
  • An alkyd paint has been replaced by a urethane paint for greater protection against rust and to reduce fading.


Huski Skid Steer Loader Design

Committed to the Operator

The Huski 5SDK skid steer loader has been designed around the needs of the operator. One of the main objectives was to design a machine that is spacious and comfortable. The easy-glide motion of the pilot lever enables effortless shifting ensuring smooth operator control.

  • Large left and right assist grips on the arms and pillars greatly improve the ease of getting on and off the machine
  • A larger open cabin than the current model by approximately 90mm vertically and 54mm horizontally, allows for easy entry and exiting of the machine.
  • A large seat enables the operator to sit and exit without hindrance. The seat can slide 150mm with 10 adjustment notches to ensure optimal positioning can be achieved for operators of varying height and size.
  • Colour-coded operating switches are easy to recognise and laid out on the left and right instrument panels. Easy-to-read digital meters on the left instrument panel make it easy to monitor fuel, oil and engine temperature.
  • New steps help prevent work boots covered in mud from slipping when entering and exiting.
  • Design innovations have reduced noise and vibration levels providing for a comfortable machine operation.
  • The instrument panel comprises separate left and right sections, for outstanding upward visibility. The layout of the front and rear pillars is nearly parallel, providing a spacious operator compartment.
  • Excellent Serviceability- the tilt-up cabin, rear grille that opens a full 180 degrees, and engine hood with damper provide excellent access for inspection and maintenance, helping to minimize downtime.
  • The sealed cabin ensures comfortable operation when working in dusty conditions, or in foul weather. A newly designed air conditioner and heater are optionally available for comfort under extremes of hot or cold.

Conventional And Variable Angle Booms

  • Huski standing out above the rest with its newest product offering
  • Conventional vs. Variable angle booms
  • M60U featuring the Variable Angle Boom technology
  • Read More Here

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