A Class Earthmoving Takes Third Toyota Huski

POSTED: 15/09/2011

A progressive young Perth earthmoving contractor has commissioned his third Toyota Huski skid-steer loader (SSL).

Doogs Dvorak of A Class Earthmoving specialises in hot mix work, car parks, roads and house pads.

He commissioned his third Toyota Huski 5SDK-8 (SSL) in August, three months after commissioning an air-conditioned 5SDK-8.

The company now also has two trucks and a hot-mix roller.

He founded his company in 2007 with a previous-generation Huski 4SDK-8, after learning the skills of SSL operating from his father, Peter.

Doogs Dvorak said he would have happily have continued with the 4-Series model, until Toyota Material Handling local area sales manager Dan Rhodes convinced him to do an extended trial in the new-generation 5-Series model.

"I was prepared to pay good money for another 4-Series, because they're so good, but Dan kept asking me to take the 'demo' 5-Series and spend time in it," he said.

"Dan wanted me to operate the 5-Series every day, not switch back and forth with my 4-Series.

"I'm glad he insisted, because now I love the 5-Series," he said.

"The 4-Series was bullet proof. After six months of operating the 5-Series, I'm 'sold' on it. The new design was definitely built for the operator.

"With a Toyota, you get what you pay for. In four years, I've never had to lay a spanner on any of my Huski skid-steer loaders - I've never had a thing go wrong."

Doogs Dvorak said he was also impressed with the after-sales support Dan Rhodes has provided.

"Whatever I've needed, he has organised - be it setting up buckets or sourcing tyres, he does the extra yards to keep my business moving."

Toyota's 650kg operating load Huski 5SDK-8 is one of six Huski skid-steer loader models offered nationally by Toyota Material Handling. Models range from the compact 4SDK-4 right up to the 900kg operating load 5SDK-11.

The Huski 5SDK-8 has a spacious cabin opening for smooth entry and exit, along with an easy-to-read instrument panel and low vibration and low fatigue control levers, providing outstanding operator comfort.

It has class-leading visibility and outstanding manoeuvrability.


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